Mark Knox

I grew up in a Christian home but spent most of my adult life as an agnostic.  I didn’t think I believed in God and I was certain I didn’t believe that Jesus, if he had existed at all, was anything more than an inspired philosopher.

Then, beginning three years ago, God began to interpose himself into my life, uninvited, through a series of events and acquaintances until he would not be denied.  Now I am struggling to experience God through this fragile faith, while at the same time learning to reconcile my cynical mind to what my heart already knows to be true.

I am here at the crossroads and I am asking for those ancient paths that the prophet Jeremiah described so long ago.  I’ve created this blog both to organize my own thoughts around these things and to ask the advice of others who may be on this same journey.  Please feel free to comment or to contact me directly.  Civil discourse, even over fundamental disagreement, is how we learn from each other.


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