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What Do We Do With Fred Phelps & The Westboro Clan?

I have really enjoyed the posts by Tim Ghali over at  He is extremely insightful and well-written and has an easy-going style that allows him to tackle some of the harder stuff without polarizing his readers or coming off … Continue reading

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From Angels Bending Near the Earth

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel and Jordan for three weeks of study.  The things I experienced there can never adequately be put into words; but this week I’m reminded of a particular day that was especially profound … Continue reading

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The Next Christians- “On Being” with Krista Tippet

On Being- The Next Christians This is a pretty fascinating discussion between Gabe Lyons, founder of “Q” and author of “Un-Christian” and Jim Daly, the new director of Focus on the Family. I was particularly impressed with Jim Daly’s thoughtful and … Continue reading

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Throughout my life I have often said, arrogantly, that while I am not necessarily a Christian I am “a spiritual person”.  I’ve never really devoted much thought to what I meant by “spiritual”; only that the title allowed me to lay … Continue reading

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