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The Shroud of Turin: New Developments

When I was a child, my first exposure to the Shroud of Turin was on an episode of “In Search Of…”, a weekly television program that featured a number of various popular mysteries including Bigfoot, the Amelia Earhart disappearance and the Bermuda Triangle, … Continue reading

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What Do We Do With Fred Phelps & The Westboro Clan?

I have really enjoyed the posts by Tim Ghali over at  He is extremely insightful and well-written and has an easy-going style that allows him to tackle some of the harder stuff without polarizing his readers or coming off … Continue reading

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From Angels Bending Near the Earth

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel and Jordan for three weeks of study.  The things I experienced there can never adequately be put into words; but this week I’m reminded of a particular day that was especially profound … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Hell, Sin, Grace, Works

I was raised by a United Methodist minister and so, while my father saw to it that theological matters were frequently the topic of discussion (and debate) within our home, the topic of hell rarely came up. Methodists are often … Continue reading

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