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Some Thoughts on Science and God

“The impossibility of conceiving that this grand and wondrous universe, with our conscious selves, arose through chance seems to me the chief argument for 
the existence of God.”   ~ Charles Darwin I used to believe in the infallibility of science … Continue reading

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Evangelical Atheism

In reading blog commentaries posted by “evangelical atheists”- those that feel the need to attack faith, rather than just disavow themselves of it- I seem to always come away saddened and sometimes a bit infuriated. It amazes me how these … Continue reading

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Throughout my life I have often said, arrogantly, that while I am not necessarily a Christian I am “a spiritual person”.  I’ve never really devoted much thought to what I meant by “spiritual”; only that the title allowed me to lay … Continue reading

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The Mountain

“Faith is not a flower to be plucked; it is a mountain to be climbed.” This is actually a variation on an old Buddhist saying about wisdom, but it could truly be said about anything worth having. True faith requires … Continue reading

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